From day one Modern Office Interiors (MOI) has assisted Continental Dairy with their furniture needs. When they needed a couple desks to get operational, MOI was there. When the plant was growing and an existing conference room was required, MOI designed and installed the space. When the conference room was converted for additional offices, MOI was there. When a large conference room was required for a meeting and a deadline had to be met, MOI was there. MOI specified and installed the carpet, specified and installed the conference table, and delivered the chairs all before the customer’s deadline. When it was time to renovate an existing inplant office, again MOI was there in a timely, cost effective way to meet the needs of Continental Dairy.

“We have worked with Modern Office for over 6 years. We first started as a very small company with price constraints and primarily bought refurbished furniture from them. We built and designed a large processing facility which required the complete furnishing of all the business and plant offices associated with the new plant. Modern office worked with us on the layout and design of all the office furniture for the entire facility. They did a very good job of recommending and delivering furniture that not only looks great but is durable and a great value. We have added staff and offices as we have grown and Modern has always been able to deliver the same level of expertise and great service as we grow. They have a great installation team and deliver office furnishings that are a good value and are made to last. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for our office furniture needs.”

– Steven Cooper, COO/General Manager – Continental Dairy Facilities, LLC

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